The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band

jazz band hire with a New Orleans twist.

Jazz Band

<strong>Jazz Band-The Mississippi Swamp Dogs</strong>

Jazz Band-The Mississippi Swamp Dogs

If you are looking to hire a jazz band, or a swing band for whatever reason, we want to do our best to persuade you that you have come to the right place. The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band is one of the most adaptable, accessible and entertaining jazz bands on the London Jazz Club circuit.

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Between them the band members have appeared at all the main Jazz Clubs in London and have entertained the Queen, Prince Charles, Joan Collins…..and even Jeffrey Archer!!!

We are a Great Gatsby Jazz Band, a 20s Jazz Band, We are a New Orleans Jazz Band and a Good Time Blues and Boogie Bar Band…you choose what you want and just tell us!


I hired the Mississippi Swamp Dogs to perform at the Belgravia Classic Car Show. It was the first time we’d run the event, so I wanted a band who understood the brief. Not only did they understand the brief, but they exceeded everybody’s expectations. They performed all over the gardens, and also did a set in the marquee. With an event like this, flexibility is key, and nothing was too much trouble. I would have no hesitation in recommending them, and look forward to welcoming them back next year.

Mark Fellowes, Fellowes Productions, June 2017. More information here

Jazz Band

Fundamentally the Mississippi Swamp Dogs are a New Orleans themed jazz band. Not “Old Style” New Orleans, although we play some of the good old ones. You’ll recognise some of the jazz names and songs from the dark and distant past, but this is a band that covers a wide range of music form the Big Easy and the Deep South. Here is a wonderful video showing you some information on our show, perfect for a theatre or jazz hire for a club.

Jazz Band Hire

Now why not look through these fabulous promo videos and see how versatile and talented this band is!

Jazz Band Styles

Lets talk style. If you want some swing band music for dancing at a party, a Rat Pack style jazz band for a corporate event (see here), if you want an old style vintage band for Henley Regatta (check out our Jazz Band Henley page for corporate entertainment) or a store promotion or a jazz band for your wedding or if you want a band playing mainstream jazz with vocals down at your club, The Mississippi Swamp Dogs New Orleans Jazz Band has it covered.

The band plays in a variety of styles and has an immense repertoire of suitable and appropriate songs. What ever the event, the Dogs have it covered! Lots more Corporate Entertainment ideas here  More info on swing band hire here.

Jazz Band issues

Jazz Band

Jazz Band

What don’t you want? You don’t want a jazz band playing inappropriate way out indulgent modern jazz at your wedding.

You don’t want a band that can only do one style, you don’t want a band that doesn’t have a vocalist amongst the musicians (even if you don’t end up calling on his services) You don’t want a band that is uncooperative about noise levels or where to set up, you don’t want a band turning up late and scruffy.





 Jazz Band requirements

Jazz Band

Jazz Band

If you book the Mississippi Swamp Dogs you will get a band that can tailor its repertoire to the needs of the audience, that can perform with or without vocals, can throw in some party hits at a moments notice, that look fabulous, are totally cooperative and reliable and who’s main raison detre’ is to give you and your guests a brilliant time.

Outfits, timings that suit you, special requests we can usually cater to these things. In the past people have asked if they can use our sound system for announcements and even our keyboard for a family member to sing a special song. Again, whenever possible we like to say yes. Hiring a jazz band should be straight forward, with us it is! Call now on 07747 801471







The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band

The Swamp Dogs have been on and around the scene for some years now. Brought together by their love of New Orleans music and the rich cultural heritage of the Deep South, the band have evolved in to something very special. A band that can entertain a wedding party, hold a Ronnie Scott’s audience in its palm, put on a show at a theatre, turn a bar into musical happening and leave audiences with a happy smile and a happy heart. We can even play at your funeral, New Orleans style. More information on funeral hire here and more New Orleans Funeral info here

Jazz Band

Have we persuaded you that this is the band for you? If you want more information maybe you could check our videos page or other musical services. If you want to know about the band you can do it here. Want a burlesque band? Our New Orleans Jazz is perfect for that.  Need to a jazz band for a corporate event ? Yes, we’d be glad to help. Why not check out our cruise ship band page? We have many a cruise under our belt! You can come and see the band live.

Jazz Band

What about some Great Gatsby Jazz Band Hire? Some call it a 1920s Jazz Band or a Roaring 20’s Band or a Prohibition Band. Either way, we have it covered. Our public performance page is here to see our dates. Want to hire a Xmas Band? Having a Xmas Party? Information here. New Years Eve Party? A New Orleans funeral? Yes! you read correctly! A funeral band! New Years Eve Jazz Band Tips here Finally contact us here by email for a quote. We are reasonably priced, excellent value for money in fact!!! Thanks for dropping by.


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