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jazz band hire with a New Orleans twist.

Jazz band wedding hire                                      

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One of the Mississippi Swamp Dogs great specialities is jazz band wedding hire. We are London based professionals but we don’t just supply London Jazz Band hire, we work countrywide.

Jazz band wedding hire

This is the perfect band for a summer afternoon reception! Great Gatsby Jazz

Jazz band wedding hire.

Jazz band wedding hire.

Live Jazz band wedding hire: THE most important decision of your day….well, after choosing your partner!! No other investment on the day gives you the same return, the same amount of value for money. For three hours or so they will turn your wedding into the most happy and joyful occasion.

Get it wrong and you will have people surreptitiously looking at their watches wondering when they can slip away home without appearing rude, or at best stifling a yawn or two! So, the band is the focal point of the whole day. A primal time of celebration that goes back to tribes dancing round fires and banging drums.

Jazz band wedding hire

Here are a range of promo videos of our band playing a variety of styles all perfect for different stages of your wedding celebrations

<strong>Jazz band wedding hire. Here you can <a href="">hire a jazz trio</a> too.</strong>

Jazz band wedding hire. Here you can hire a jazz trio too.

Jazz band wedding hire

So, you’ve decided on jazz band hire. Do you really mean to book a jazz band? Or do you want a band which is jazzy? We ask because over the years, brides and grooms have constantly contacted us asking for live jazz bands for their wedding. We ask them what kind of music they like to hear at their wedding and nine times out of ten, people want music with a jazz element to it. In other words, they want music that is jazzy! In this we feel the bride and grooms instinct is spot on. Jazzy music encompasses some wonderful sounds. Prince is jazzy, Stevie Wonder is jazzy, James Browns music has jazzy elements to it. Lots of soul music has jazzy elements too.

Jazz band wedding hire

So, the first advice and the first suggestion we offer is: Give us examples of the kind of music you like. Phone us, our numbers on the jazz band hire page. Are any of these jazz bands suitable. Or these? (other musical services)


Jazz band wedding hire

Jazz band wedding hire.

Jazz band wedding hire.

Moving on into the Wedding Breakfast. You have invited friends and family. People who may not have seen each other for a while. They want to talk!! Time for background music. A time for a solo pianist or a duo playing, and here comes that word again, jazzy material. Just something to capture a light mood, something that adds to the “feel good” feeling of a wedding celebration.

Alternatively, you may just want background music through an I-pod. This can be just as good. You get the chance to personalise the day with a choice of favourite tracks too.


Jazz band wedding hire

After the meal people are getting itchy to let their hair down. Wine’s flowed, inhibitions are dropping, a whole new group of evening guests arrive. It’s Party Time!! Now you want a jazz band who can get people on the floor! Jazz band wedding hire at this moment? The Mississippi Swamp Dogs.

Jazz Band Wedding Hire

What was it about our music that makes our past clients so happy with the band? Obviously the musicianship, the jazz bands energy, a commitment to giving everyone a good time, their excellent preparation & presentation…….. but more than these factors is THE important factor…REPERTOIRE. With a group of people of all ages from Grandparents down to Grandkids, your jazz band wedding hire is about pleasing them all.

Jazz Band Wedding Hire

The Mississippi Swamp Dogs: Jazzy, New Orleans Flavoured repertoire does just that. Every song’s chosen as a floor filler, known by the maximum number of people. If this information, images and videos resonate with you, fill in our contact form and we can email you back a quote. Want to try before you buy? Visit our public performance page, come and see us!!  The more info you give us, the more accurate with the quote we can be. Our band is based in London. Obviously, if your party is a long way out of London we do include travel costs.

Jazz Band Wedding Hire

We provide jazz across the South East. Jazz band Henley for corporate events & corporate entertainment, Jazz bands for the Cotswolds, Reading, Cambridge and Oxford. Fees change from weekday to weekend. How many guests do you expect? A big crowd may need a bigger band, small intimate weddings get away with smaller groups. All these factors relate to cost. Visit our F.A.Q’s page, where your question may be answered. Oodles more information here! Interested in hiring this wonderful group of musicians? Available from a trio up to a six piece?

Jazz band Wedding Hire

Contact us here or maybe get more information here on our home page jazz band hire.  F.A.Q.’s? here. The following services are also offered: Great Gatsby Jazz Band Hire, Speakeasy Jazz Band Hire  Jazz band hire Kent, Jazz band hire Brighton, Jazz Band Hire Oxford, Jazz band Henley, New Orleans Jazz Band hire and New Orleans Funeral Jazz Band hire, Wedding Jazz band Burlesque Band hire, Cruise ship band hire, London Jazz Band Hire. 1920’s Jazz Band Hire London here.

Jazz Band Hire for Weddings

Jazz Bands For Hire.

Although the Mississippi Swamp Dogs are known firstly as a New Orleans Jazz Band, they have a wide and varied repertoire of swing band classics, soul, and Dixieland jazz. If you are looking for jazz bands for hire then we can reassure you that you can book for your wedding with confidence.

New Orleans Jazz Band for weddings

As a New Orleans Jazz Band the Swamp Dogs have few equals. Do check our public performance page and come and see for yourselves! Bride and Grooms welcome!

Jazz band for hire

Getting married? require a jazz band for hire and need more information? Contact us here or at the top of the page. We happy to discuss your needs and event in person. With that in mind we invite you to phone us on 020 8761 8932 or 07747 801471.

Jazz bands in London for all London Wedding venues

Remember, we are based in London. The band is a professional outfit serving London, the South East and works just about anywhere. That said, we are one of the most popular jazz bands in London and perform regularly on the London live music circuit.

Hire a jazz band for your wedding day

We know that to hire a jazz band is a big financial part of the wedding day and a decision not to be taken lightly. That’s why we always try and get potential clients to see the band before booking. We want you to be as confident about booking us, as we are about doing a great job for you!

Jazz bands to hire

Costs are worked out on where the party takes place, how big a band you want to hire, what day of the week your event is and how much music you require. We have jazz bands to hire for all manner of events. Tell us what your event is and we will happily point you in the right direction.

Jazz band to hire Weddings a speciality!! And Civil Partnerships too.

In conclusion, if you want a Jazz band to hire we promise you the best service, the best musicians, the best entertainers with the best and most appropriate repertoire!

Jazz Band Hire for weddings in London, Buckinghamshire,  Liverpool, Manchester, Knutsford, Cheshire, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Brighton, Oxford, Reading, Cambridge, Suffolk, Ipswich, Norfolk, East Sussex, The Cotswolds, Wiltshire, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Bristol and Birmingham.