The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band

The best in live jazz band hire with a New Orleans twist.

Jazz Band Hire

Jazz Band Hire

Jazz Band Hire-Mississippi Swamp Dogs

To the Jazz Band “What a stunning live band! From beginning to end you made the night magical! We need to check diaries, book a date and hire you next year. Thanks to all the guys”  Mr N. Crane CEO

Wander the streets of New Orleans  and you are confronted with some of the finest live musical sounds on the planet! A heady gumbo of Cajun, Blues, Rhumbas, Jazz,  Gospel and Southern Rock. The Swamp Dogs Jazz Band take this mix and present  a fabulous high energy live show that gets even the most reluctant dancer up on the floor! Whatever you want to hire the Mississippi Swamp Dogs for, like maybe,  jazz band wedding hire or a Burlesque band, for a Club Night, if you want to hire the group as a Cruise Ship Band, for a birthday, a swing night for a Xmas party or a New Years Eve Party, even a New Orleans Funeral Jazz Band , you are guaranteed some stunning musical entertainment!

 Jazz Band Hire

Mardi Gras New Orleans 2015. Dancing in the Streets. Jazz bands playing. Jazz Band Hire.

Mardi Gras New Orleans 2015. Dancing in the Streets. Jazz bands playing. Jazz Band Hire.

A Mississippi Swamp Dogs gig is a love story to the rich musical heritage of New Orleans and the Deep South. For many, many years the influence of this region has had THE most positive effect on modern popular music through the twentieth century. Experience this infectious collection of sounds for yourself, live, by booking this wonderful group of musicians for your party. Maybe you have a themed event coming up, a wedding or you want the band to perform a concert of music. Enjoy the authentic sounds of the Mississippi Swamp Dogs in whatever musical setting you feel works for you.

Jazz Band Hire

Jazz Band Hire. Weddings

Jazz Band Hire. Weddings

Is Wedding Music important to you? Us too! The band has appeared at, and entertained hundreds of brides, grooms and guests. From happy background vintage jazz (some people call it a Great Gatsby Jazz Band, some call it Prohibition Jazz Band, some call it a 1920s jazz band), to sophisticated swing to a riotous party band, we have just the band for you. Want something different from other wedding jazz bands playing the same old tunes? The Mississippi Swamp Dogs party hard with great party classics that are given the New Orleans twist. Our alter ego, Swamp Lounge, based in London, will satisfy your swing cravings. To find out more on hiring the band click here.

Jazz Band Hire : for Corporate Events, Corporate Hospitality and Entertainment

<strong>Jazz band hire for corporate hospitality, corporate events and corporate entertainment.<a href=""> Jazz Trios</a> upwards.</strong>

Jazz band hire for corporate hospitality, corporate events and corporate entertainment. Jazz Trios upwards.

Do you want a jazz band for your company event? Maybe at Henley? Wimbledon or Ascot? A company fun day or a store promotion? The Swamp Dogs are aware they’re representing your company and brand. They are great communicators with superb soft skills, great company and totally professional. Contact us to see how we can help with your corporate event.

Hiring a jazz band should be an easy and pleasant part of organising your event. We will do everything we can to help you in choosing the right band playing the right type of jazz. With many years experience you can be confident that the advice we give will be based on having performed in many varied corporate hospitality environments.


Jazz Band Hire : for Clubs, Bars, Hotels, Pubs and Dances

Live onstage playing for a dance crowd. Jazz band hire for a club night in London.

Live onstage playing for a dance crowd. Jazz band hire for a club night in London.

You can hire our jazz band for club nights. When the Mississippi Swamp Dogs New Orleans Jazz Band hit the floor with all guns blazing, your customers are in for a treat! This high energy show will get everyone up on the floor. The Swamp Dogs are a great Bar Band, and when people are having fun, they spend money!

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Jazz Band Hire

Interesting link to the origins of the jazz band here:

Remember, when you are going to hire a jazz band you need to ask yourself quite a few questions. They have a bearing on what kind of jazz band you need.

The above questions will help define your band. Certainly the size of the band, the quality of the band and the ability of the jazz band to be flexible. There are amazing jazz bands all over London and beyond who can play specific types of jazz incredibly well. That is of no use to you if, at some point, you want the band to turn into a party band playing soul classics. These are issues you need to take up with your band in advance. You do not want to find out on the night that your jazz group has no suitable repertoire for dancing if that is important to you. My recommendation is to go and see the band play, see how they interact with their audiences, see how varied their repertoire is and see how sympathetic they are to the room they are in. Are they playing suitable songs for the gig? Are they of the right quality? Does the jazz band play at the right sound level? Are they too loud, too quiet? Are they polite to their audience? I think all these questions are important ones when considering hiring a band. Our public dates are here, come along to one of our public gigs. We look forward to meeting you and talking to you about your event.

Jazz Band Hire

Jazz bands for hire.

Although the Mississippi Swamp Dogs are known firstly as a New Orleans Jazz Band, they have a wide and varied repertoire of swing band classics, soul, and Dixieland jazz. If you are looking for jazz bands for hire then we can reassure you that you can book with confidence.

New Orleans Jazz Band

As a New Orleans Jazz Band the Swamp Dogs have few equals. Do check our public performance page and come and see for yourselves!

Jazz band for hire

If you require a jazz band for hire and need more information you can contact us here or at the top of the page. We happy to discuss your needs and event in person. With that in mind we invite you to phone us on 020 8761 8932 or 07747 801471.

Jazz bands in London

Remember, we are based in London. The band is a professional outfit serving London, the South East and works just about anywhere. That said, we are one of the most popular jazz bands in London and perform regularly on the London live music circuit.

Hire a jazz band

We know that to hire a jazz band is a big financial part of any event or party and a decision not to be taken lightly.  That’s why we always try and get potential clients to see the band before booking. We want you to be as confident about booking us, as we are about doing a great job for you!

Jazz bands to hire

Costs are worked out on where the party takes place, how big a band you want to hire, what day of the week your event is and how much music you require. We have jazz bands to hire for all manner of events. Tell us what your event is and we will happily point you in the right direction.

Funerals New Orleans Jazz

Something we get asked for time and time again. We have attended numerous funerals up and down the country giving a New Orleans flavour to the proceedings at the deceased’s request. Funerals New Orleans Jazz information is here. Testimonials and Video of the band.

Jazz band to hire

In conclusion, if you want a Jazz band to hire we promise you the best service, the best musicians, the best entertainers with the best and most appropriate repertoire!

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Jazz Band Hire

What is important to you? Repertoire? Cost? Sound levels? Ability to travel? Ability to adapt to changing circumstances? A willingness for co operation? Whatever your priorities for jazz band hire can we suggest you contact us on 07747 801471 to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

Were do we go? everywhere. Jazz band Hire Kent, Jazz Band Hire Manchester, Jazz Band Hire Bristol, Jazz Band Hire Nottingham. these are just a few of the places we have supplied stunning live music.