The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band

jazz band hire with a New Orleans twist.

Virtual New Orleans Funeral Jazz Band

A short story:    I “attended” a virtual funeral some weeks back. The service was held in church with just the vicar in attendance. Everyone else had to participate from the safety of their own homes and in front of their computers. It made me think. Hundreds of people who have passed away are unable to get the funeral they wanted, and people left behind have been left are unable to fufill their wishes. It struck me that with the help of technology we have at home, our New Orleans funeral jazz band, playing traditional New Orleans music could be used as part of a virtual service or, if people are allowed into the Chapel, performances could be played using the chapel screens.

So, with the help of my musicians, all in lockdown, I set about recording and videoing four performances of New Orleans Jazz songs. One is a hymn to be used to virtually “process’ the cortege into the chapel. The next to be used as a “reflection” piece during the service. Then, finally, two uplifting songs to be played at the end of the services, New Orleans style, to celebrate the life of the deceased. Remember, all these videos have been produced by the musicians playing their parts in their own homes and then brought together to create the master videos. We had no access to video equipment, a recording studio or a film set. Everything was done under the same conditions as we are all living under currently.

Here is a sample recording showing what we do. Careless Love for the “reflection”

Each set of four videos we supply are personalized with the

  • The deceased’s name

  • Date of birth and death of the person who has passed away

  • Any personal message or quotation to come up at the end of the songs

Here is the perfect piece to “virtually exit” the service. When the Saints Go Marching In.


The fee for this is £375. No vat and no other charges. The four videos will be supplied as Youtube links for your own private use. Should you require more songs or different songs, prices are available on request. The fee for the four song offer is less than half our usual price to appear in person and with no travel costs. For clients with an Afro Caribbean background, we are able to supply hymns on request for the burial of your loved one or the  “filling in”. Again, prices on request. Our virtual New Orleans Jazz Band is available anywhere in the world. Until our lives get back to normal we hope this service can go some small way to add to the sort of funeral you were asked to arrange.