The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band

jazz band hire with a New Orleans twist.

A great night in Soho London for the funeral jazz band

March 27, 2015

Lots of fun was had on Wednesday night in Soho, London! Our New Orleans Jazz Band Band was booked to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a couple of chaps. They saw the wedding as the end of an era, the death of their single life if you will, and thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the change for single life to married life by hiring a live London Jazz band and horses and carriage through London. Without any checking with the authorities (who surely would have said no) The eight piece acoustic version of the Mississippi Swamp Dogs marched the procession down from Bloomsbury all the way to Shaftsbury Avenue and the up into Soho, Dean Street. We saw no police, no one stopped us, we stopped at red lights, and finally ended up 40 minutes later at the venue, Blacks. The couples friends, who had paid for the “show” marched along singing with the band!! A warming drink or two then we were all on our way home! If we get any videos of the proceedings, expect to see them here!

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