The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band

jazz band hire with a New Orleans twist.

Swing Band Hire London

Swing band hire London? Are you looking for a group of top flight swing and jazz musicians to make your event go with a bang? Mississippi Swing does just that. Experienced London professionals with the added talent of the ability to ENTERTAIN! Available to hire as a band from three to six pieces. Please view our video gallery below.


Swing Band Hire London

Whether you hire a Swing Band for dancing, for background ambience or both, Mississippi Swing have all the appropriate repertoire, playing at the appropriate level. The unique selling feature of the band, however, is that should your London party/event start to get “lively” and more “party” repertoire is required, then Mississippi Swing can oblige!

This is a swing band with a difference. Adaptability is the key. Whether the band is required to play at a whisper whilst people network or talk over dinner, or whether the band plays for dancing as a wedding jazz band, no other band will adapt to changing conditions like Mississippi Swing.

Swing Band Hire London

<strong>Swing Band Hire London-Swamp Lounge</strong>

Swing Band Hire London-Swamp Lounge

So, how do you know you have made the right choice in choosing your London Swing Band to hire? Well, feel free to check out our testimonials and feel free to look at the video of a bride who used the band for her wedding.

As a group we have played for numerous weddings, Corporate Receptions, Birthday Parties, Garden Parties, Charity Balls and Strict Tempo Dances at places like the Waldorf in Central London.  At the end of the 2012 Olympics the band played on the roof of the Mall Galleries as the final event (the Mens Marathon) took place.

Swing Band Hire London

<strong>Swing Band Hire London-Acoustic Jazz for the reception</strong>

Swing Band Hire London-Acoustic Jazz for the reception

An acoustic version of this band is also available. If your party is arranged for outdoors, then then the band has the flexibility to perform without the need for electrical power. For more information on the group, regarding swing band hire, contact us here.

Jeff Williams the band manager will be happy to discuss your requirements. As a London based musician for over 30 years, he has an indepth knowledge of most London venues.

Here is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn to swing dance, for anyone wanting to look for somewhere to swing dance or for venues where there are live swing bands playing in London. Book a Swing Band.

Swing Band Hire London

Swing Band Hire London

Swing Band Hire London

What about a Swing band for a London Swing Dance? The Mississippi Swing are past masters at filling a floor of Swing Dancers and keeping them happy all night! Here is a picture from a recent gig for the wonderful Swing Patrol organisation. 300 happy dancers Jiving away to our music!

Tempos need to be perfect for dancers as does the repertoire. Dancers don’t like to be kept waiting on the floor too long either. Get this stuff right and you have the recipe for a terrific Swing Night!