The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band

jazz band hire with a New Orleans twist.

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<strong>Hire Swing Band Mississippi Swing<strong>

Hire Swing Band Mississippi Swing

Hire a swing band with Mississippi Swing and you’re guaranteed a real swinging event! Playing the perfect swing repertoire from artists like Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Nat King Cole, Count Basie and Fats Waller. With a firm commitment to make your event a success, when you hire your swing band through us you know the live music aspect of the party is sorted! Although the swing band is a group of top London Swing and jazz musicians they travel far and wide to bring their infectious swinging sounds to weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, receptions, themed nights and company promotions. Check out the promo video below:

Hire Swing Band Promo Video

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Hire Swing Band

<strong>Hire Swing Band<strong>

Hire Swing Band

What is it that you are you looking for when you come to hire your swing band? Well, we assume you are looking for experience, ability, professionalism, commitment and that one indefinable element often forgotten about…Entertainment! Whilst we understand that not every event is a show, no one wants a dreary live band. People want to see a swing band to look like they are having fun, are dressed appropriately, can interact with your audience and judge the mood.

Your guests want to dance to swing? You’ve got it! Do they want to chat, network or catch up with family and fellow wedding guests? No problem, the band understand and will reduce the volume! Do you run a Dance Club? Are you looking for a band to dance The Lindy Hop too? That’s us! Perfect tempos, repertoire and song length!  When you hire Mississippi Swing you have a band who want your party or event to be the best it can be.

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  • Are you able to travel? Absolutely
  • Do you hire a swing band for a wedding? We love weddings!
  • Can we see the band before we hire you? Yes, we have many public gigs!
  • Is the swing band available in different sizes? Yes, from a duo up to a six piece
  • Can you play acoustically? We do, really well!!

    So, the band is a London based Swing Band that has also travelled the world from the Middle East to the Amazon Jungle via London Hotels, Burlesque Clubs, Lindy Hop Clubs, Jazz Clubs and Cruise ships. We play for all sorts of Weddings (both afternoon receptions and evening parties), Burlesque Nights, Corporate Events, Themed Celebrations. What ever you want to hire our swing band for we can help. Not just London or the South East either, you can hire our swing band in the following areas:

  • Cotswolds
  • Oxford
  • Wiltshire
  • Gloucester
  • Hampshire
  • Suffolk
  • Surrey
  • Essex
  • Norfolk
  • Reading
  • Cambridge
  • Birmingham
  • Sussex

    Great information on Swing Music History here. Want something a little more jazzy? Jazz Band Hire information is here.