The Mississippi Swamp Dogs Jazz Band

jazz band hire with a New Orleans twist.

Two dates at Chilworth Manor in June

March 2, 2015

18th and 19th of June 2015


The Mississippi Swamp Dogs have been asked to play, for the fifth year running, down at Chilworth Manor. The owners of this beautiful Manor House and Gardens open them up to the general public to raise money for a number of different charities every year. The house has a wonderful terraced garden which up to a 1000 people seem to gather to drink warm Cava, eat picnics, listen and dance to some great music and raise money for great causes! More details to follow. Here is the band last year with a full dance floor (you see only a fraction of the crowd here) playing as the sun goes down over a beautiful English summers evening. Pimms and other summer drinks are on sale too. As soon as the website for the charity is updated I will post more.

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