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Jazz band Hire Ideas

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London based professionals, here to help. Jazz Band Hire Ideas here. Lots in fact!

Jazz Band Hire Idea. !. A Wedding. The band calls the first dance. The gorgeous bride takes to the floor.

Jazz Band Hire Ideas. 1. A Wedding. The band calls the first dance!. The gorgeous bride takes to the floor.


Firstly a Wedding.

THE most important decision of your day….well, after choosing your partner!! No other investment on the day gives you the same return, the same amount of value for money. Get it wrong and you will have people sneaking looks at their watches wondering when they can go home without appearing rude, or stifling a yawn or two! No one spends the evening looking at the flowers, raving about food (it’s gulped down in a flash) nor the table decorations. No, the band is at the very centre of the days celebrations.

Jazz Band Hire Ideas

Jazz Band Hire Ides. Playing for an outdoor reception

Jazz Band Hire Ideas. Playing for an outdoor reception

You’ve decided on jazz band hire. A live jazz band. Do you mean to book a jazz band? Or book a band that’s jazzy? This is asked because so many times over the years clients have contacted us asking for live jazz bands for their weddings, parties, events and functions. We then ask them what kind of music they like and what kind of music would they like to hear at their event. Most people want music with a jazz element to it. That is, music that is jazzy, and in this, the instinct of our clients, is spot on. Prince is jazzy, Stevie Wonder is jazzy, James Browns music has jazz elements to it. Lots of soul and funk music have jazzy elements too. So, the first bit of advice we offer and the first suggestion we offer is: Let’s have examples of music you like. Call us, our number is on the jazz band hire page. Would one of these jazz bands be suitable (other musical services)? Are you looking to book and hire live bands that make a noise like the ensembles in these videos?


Jazz Band Hire Ideas. Outdoor bands. A corporate event and hospitality. A promotion. A Race Day. A family fun day.

Jazz band hire ideas. Outdoor and acoustic

Jazz band hire ideas. Outdoor and acoustic


Outdoor music at your wedding reception. When guests arrive for drinks. It’s fantastic to hire an acoustic jazz band, playing to welcome everyone in. Three or four musicians work perfectly and set the tone for the whole day. Here’s just such a jazz band in action. The same band are perfect for Race Days, Corporate Hospitality like Henley and Ascot. Or maybe you are promoting something at a store or book shop. this jazz band is great to hire for the occasion.


Jazz Band Hire Ideas

Now, at this point, we must bring up the subject of swing. To some a jazz band and a swing band is the same thing, to others there is a definite difference. We suggest you check out our Swing band hire pages. One here specialising in the London area.

Jazz Band Hire Ideas. The acoustic band in action.

Jazz Band Hire Ideas. It’s Party Time! Weddings, New Years Eve Parties, Xmas Celebrations, Birthdays and Anniversaries.

Remember sometimes it’s jazzy material you may want. Just something to capture a light and happy mood. A Party Band in fact. If you are wanting a band in London, Essex, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent, then we have you covered.  So, post wedding breakfast and people are getting itchy to let their hair down. Wine’s flowed, inhibitions have dropped, evening guests arrive. It’s Party Time!! Now a jazz band is needed who can get people on the floor! Jazz band hire Ideas at this moment? The Mississippi Swamp Dogs. We’re not alone in recommending the band! A testimonial from a wedding client, the bride herself! More testimonials on our info and gallery page. Also, just the band for all kinds of parties and celebrations.  Reaching a significant birthday? Been together for 25 years? Come and hire this amazing jazz band and let us make the day!

Jazz Band Hire Ideas. A Testimonial!

And here are the Mississippi Swamp Dogs in full PARTY MODE playing songs from across the ages that all your guests will know and love

Jazz Band Hire Ideas

What was it about the music that made the bride so happy? We think the musicianship, the jazz bands energy, commitment in giving everyone the best time, excellent preparation & presentation. But, more than these factors. THE important factor is REPERTOIRE. having a group of people of all ages from Grandparents down to Grandkids, your jazz band is about pleasing them all. The Swamp Dogs: Jazzy, New Orleans Flavoured repertoire does just that. Every song’s chosen as a floor filler, known by the maximum number of people. If this information, and the images & videos resonate with you, fill in our contact form and we’ll email you back a quote. Try before you buy? Visit our public performance page, come and see us!!  The more info you give us, the more accurate with the quote. Our band is based in London. Obviously, if your party is a long way out of London we do include travel costs. These Jazz Band Hire Ideas probably only scratch the surface, we haven’t even touched on the cruise ship jazz band work we do!. Check out some other pages on the site and call us.

Jazz Band Hire Ideas

We provide jazz all over the South East and beyond. Jazz band Henley for a corporate event and corporate entertainment, Jazz band in the Cotswolds, Reading, Cambridge and Oxford. Visit our F.A.Q’s page, Contact us here or maybe get more information here on our home page jazz band hire.  F.A.Q.’s? here. The following services are also offered: Great Gatsby Jazz Band Hire, Speakeasy Jazz Band Hire  Jazz band hire Kent, Jazz band hire Brighton, Jazz Band Hire Oxford, Jazz band Henley, New Orleans Jazz Band hire and New Orleans Funeral Jazz Band hire, Burlesque Band hire, Cruise ship band hire, London Jazz Band Hire. 1920’s Jazz Band Hire London here. Jazz Band Wedding Hire