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Jazz Band Language

July 1, 2015

Jazz Band Language

Every profession has its own lingo. If you have ever used a plumber, builder, electrician or a car mechanic you will notice they try and blind you with “science” by using technical language typical to their own trade. Jazz musicians are just as bad as these trades people, and should remember how annoying it is to be on the receiving end when they are talking to civilians. When someone is booking a jazz band they will be using words that describe their own perception of a jazz band. Here are a few descriptions of “Jazz Bands” as discussed with me when people are describing what they want.

“I like Sade’ jazz”  “Can you do Blues Brothers Jazz?” “I want a smokey jazz band” “I’m looking for a Rat Pack Jazz Band” “Do you do Great Gatsby Jazz?”

Great Gatsby Jazz Band. Jazz Band Language.

Great Gatsby Jazz Band. Jazz band language.

Jazz Band Language

It would be easy to sneer at the general public for their lack of specialist knowledge but, and here’s the deal, once I stopped advertising my Dixieland Jazz Band  as a Trad band/Vintage Jazz Band and started selling it as a Great Gatsby/ Prohibition Jazz Band/ Speakeasy Jazz Band sales of the band increased! The big message to take away from this is, keep your ears to the ground. If a film comes out that has a jazz theme (the Great Gatsby) if a pop star comes out with a “jazz” album (think Rod Stewart) if a mainstream artist uses a classic standard and if a tv advert features a jazz song: Utilise these opportunities in your marketing. Don’t be embarrassed to tell a client that you play Michael Buble’ style jazz!!! After all isn’t  it better you speak your clients jazz band language rather than your own? More importantly, don’t come across as superior because of your specialist knowledge. Remember how annoying it is to be on the receiving end of a plumber telling you that your boiler needs a “distripulator frangilation device recalibrating. Oh, and it’s going to cost you!! ”

Jazz Band Language

So, more information on jazz band hire here. If you want to contact us you can do so here.  For a glossary of jazz band language check here.


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