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Jazz Band Hire Thoughts Suggestions

July 24, 2015

Jazz Band Hire Thoughts Suggestions

I am amazed what people are hiring a jazz band for these days. The inventiveness of the general public holds no bounds! I thought I would make a few suggestions of my own and pass on my thoughts and experience to those people thinking about jazz band hire.



<strong>Jazz Band Hire. Thoughts and Suggestions</strong>

Jazz Band Hire. Thoughts and Suggestions

Firstly, and this has been for some time, the New Orleans style funeral. We do twenty or so bookings of our New Orleans Funeral Jazz Band a year. I am astonished the number of people that want to hire a jazz band to celebrate their life after they have gone. My thoughts on this are always the same. Do it while you are still alive! Why do I make this suggestion? Quite simply, at every funeral my New Orleans Jazz Band plays for, there is always someone who comes up and informs my how much the deceased would have enjoyed the band! If you are going to spend money on a live band, well you should get chance to hear them!


Jazz Band Hire Thoughts Suggestions

Wedding receptions. It is still very popular to hire a jazz band to play jazz for the wedding reception. Especially in summer when the band can play outside on the lawn whilst the bride can float around, champagne in hand, greeting her guests and having photographs taken. In this situation the band is there, not giving a performance, but supplying an ambience. The atmosphere should be light and upbeat. My thoughts on this tend to err on the side of Dixieland jazz. Prohibition Jazz or Speakeasy Jazz it is sometimes called, or even Great Gatsby Jazz. Suggestions for a swing band or modern jazz are usually wrong. It is hard so chat and drink champagne with someone playing John Coltrane numbers in the background. Not my idea of a wedding jazz band!

Jazz Band Hire Thoughts Suggestions

Corporate entertainment is another area where people are still wanting to hire a jazz band. Here in London, jazz bands are still being hired for receptions, company parties and charity fundraisers. Here s an area where my suggestions and thoughts tend to run more towards a swing or modern jazz band. I think that the style of music is lightly more serious and therefore “mirrors” the type of event. You have to think what you are trying to achieve with your corporate event. Is it a thank you? Is it an entertainment? Is it a chance to network? Once you have thought about what the event is trying to achieve then you can hire a jazz band ┬áthat suits the situation.


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